OMMM MY! Introducing the Zenn Collection

Rejuvenate. Refresh. Re-evaluate the world around you. It’s time - to get your Zenn on.

Imagine yourself in a quiet space. Now surround yourself with clean lines, beautifully upholstered seating, and hard goods featuring finishes that include glass, stainless steel and warm-tones that inspire you to breathe in the good – and forget about everything else.

Beautiful benches that provide the perfect respite for Sunday mornings and dining tables that will ensure your guests know they’re in good hands for as long as they choose to stay, the Zenn Collection presents clients with pieces that create an atmosphere so cozy, they may never want to leave.

Curated by our design experts, the Zenn Collection if a mix of pieces that are both natural and raw. The result? Our most organic line; perfect for the urban dweller in search of safe haven and ideal for maintaining the sanctity of the suburbs. 

The Zenn Collection brings harmony to any household. If you or your client are in the market for clean, modern furnishings that nourish the soul, meditate no further - we’ve got you covered.