Q & A on Colour with Christina Henck

Philadelphia based designer Christina Henck is not one to shy away from incorporating colour through her clients’ spaces. Taking inspiration from her childhood roots from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, Henck finds a way to bring pops of colour and personality into every project.


White, grey, beige are easy and simple backdrops that many gravitate toward. While it can be challenging and intimidating to bring colour into your home, careful planning and research can help create a cohesive, lively space.


Living space featuring Sunpan's Soho armchairs 


We spoke with Henck to get her perspective on colour and how to bring it into the home.


Where are you seeing colour trends move toward?


People are moving away from grey – for sure.


I’m always watching the fashion runways; most recently the Met Gala. You can always look to the fashion world to see what is two to three years down the road for interiors-  I think that’s the life cycle for upholstered goods. The fashion industry also sheds light on jewellery, and in the world of interior design, light fixtures and hardware are the jewellery of the home.


We’re definitely seeing the dusty pinks and dusty purples.  Many modern spaces are outfitted in neutrals but we are now seeing more colour in upholstered goods.


How does texture interact with colour?


It’s 2018 and modern trends are more alive than ever. Naturally our lives are surrounded by hard edges, a mix of metal finishes and geometric shapes. When you have that as a design scheme, something that is very forward, the easiest way to balance that is with the introduction of softer things. I think there always has to be contrast with balance when it comes to texture. I like to use leather in one place then mix in a softer velvet or chenille. A great example I see a lot on Pinterest is Scandinavian interiors with geometric decor, coupled with shag rugs, faux fur throw pillows and soft pink details and florals. Because we are so connected with electronics, it is important to create balancing acts by incorporating greenery everywhere.



How do you use colour in your projects?


I’ve always been a big fan of colour theory. But, I think at the end of the day if you have an overall neutral palette and you inject colour in the right ratio it’s going to work. There can be a golden rule, but it’s not always a cerebral thing. If I have an overall neutral space, I always have to inject one colour focus. And I try to repeat it in several different ways, whether it’s with art, accessories or paint.



What are some of your design tricks when it comes to using colour?


If you are Pinterest savvy or know what’s happening in fashion, you can pull from trending colour palettes. Candles, custom pillows in a chosen fabric, or art from local artists featuring colour are great ways to introduce colour into the space. Another easy way to incorporate colour without adding a green rug or chair is to use green plants and fresh flowers. Home accessories are great as they can be changed out periodically for a new look.