Maison&Objet trends prominent throughout Sunpan showroom at High Point Market

Through global travels and research, Sunpan is focused on offering beautiful on-trend furniture market after market.


Sunpan’s New Arrivals and New to Market pieces at Fall High Point Market did not disappoint.


Fresh from their trip to Paris, Maison&Objet’s global trend ambassador, Patti Carpenter and American ambassador, Kelli Ellis presented their latest trend findings inside the Sunpan showroom at Showplace 1200. Listed below were some of the most popular Maison&Objet trends that were reflected in Sunpan’s latest offerings.


Sunpan New Arrivals and New to Market pieces at High Point Market 

Maturing Millennial Pink


Designers have taken the vibrant, almost peachy ‘Millennial Pink’ and given it foothold into interiors with a mature adaptation: soft, pale blush tones. These pale, near-white and near-grey pinks create a soft hint of femininity but are easy to incorporate into many space. Sunpan has introduced new swatches like blush pink, antonio linen and ‘pink sky’ on a variety of seating options that can be sourced through offices, lounges and dining spaces. Pictured above are the Lawrence barstool in ‘pink sky’ fabric, the Elijah office chair in antonio linen and the August chair in blush pink.


Sunpan New Arrivals and New to Market pieces at High Point Market 

Linear and sketch-like designs


Thanks to the timeless Scandinavian influence and desire to return to simplicity in complex societal times, an emergence of line-like designs has occurred. Pieces that fall under this category stray away from complex geometric frames and are simmered to the simplest rectangular and circular forms. Some of Sunpan’s New to Market pieces that highlight this trend include the Willem and Garnet collections, and the Jigsaw bookcase.


 Sunpan New Arrivals and New to Market pieces at High Point Market

Green as a neutral


Further feeding into the hunger for simplicity, designers are seeing the rise of green as a neutral thanks to its calming, natural embodiment. Olive, jade and pale succulent tones all fall under this popular trend. Recent new swatches sourced by Sunpan that meet this trend include forest green fabric, giotto olive velvet, and piccolo jade fabric. Pictured above are the Lucy Club chair in piccolo jade, the Endall ottoman in forest green fabric and the Baron dining chair in giotto olive.



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