Five Sm-Art Terms You Need to Know

Make the most of your walls! Great wall art can tell a story, express your personality, and provide interest or even drama for your space. Not sure where to begin? In picking out art we say go with what you love, have fun, and take chances.

While shopping for your fabulous art find, here are a handful of art terms you need to know. 

Gallery vs Traditional vs Floating Frame

Frames are designed to separate a piece of art from its surroundings, to anchor it as a thing of beauty amidst the chaos of everyday living. Frames can actually make a picture appear larger or smaller, make it stand out, or blend in, but the main purpose? Attract and retain the focus of the viewer (so choose wisely).



Gallery Wrap canvas refers to the method of stretching a canvas so that the image wraps around the edge of the stretcher. The canvas is then secured by being stapled to the back of the frame. This is different than the side staple method, which is often intended for traditional framing. The Gallery wrap canvas is designed to be displayed without a frame, almost as if it is floating. It is perceived as a more modern look with cleaner edges. 





Traditional frames have a lip (officially called rabbet), which holds the art, glass, mats and backing. The art is then mounted through the back of the frame. Conversely, floater frames are different in that they do not have a lip and rather than mounting the art from the back, the Canvas is mounted through the front. 


Floating frames are inspired by fine art galleries as they enable a piece of artwork to be displayed without the surface touching the frame itself. Preserving the image from contact or damage. A floating frame is a great alternative to the traditional matte framing options and is a beautiful way to display the most precious photos or priceless artwork in your collection, giving them a presence that matches their importance. 




High Gloss

Sometimes a space needs a piece of art that blends in, and other times, your room requires something that simply stands out – like a painting with a high gloss finish. If you’re going high gloss, choose a frame that is subtle, so as to not distract from the main attraction.



Matte Finish

Matte might mean flat - but that doesn’t mean it won’t have the impact you’re looking for. 

Subtle and stunning, pieces with a matte finish introduce a whimsical feel in any space. Use gallery wrapping to show off eye-catching art boasting a matte finish without drawing attention away from the rest of the room.