In the Hot Seat with Grant Algar


Grant Algar

"I’m edgy, but not five minutes ahead that it’s five minutes behind.”


Never sitting still seems to be Grant Algar’s secret to success. He’s energetic and stylish, with a natural eye for beautiful, livable design. 

As a successful interior designer, Algar’s work throughout Canada varies from residential to commercial spaces, from homes and cottages, to condominiums. 


His latest project? Tableau – a 36-storey condominium complex located in downtown Toronto. Developed by Urban Capital, this mixed-use building features 410 residential units and 25,000 square-feet of office space. Algar was tasked to design the shared spaces for residents, including the lobby, party, meeting and exercise rooms. When designing these spaces, Algar applied his design philosophy to ultimately create beautiful spaces with form and function.


Maxime sofa, Clevelander chairs, Gibson ottoman.


One of his first design rules is to be “functional first.”In designing Tableau’s mezzanine, Algar incorporated our Clevelander armchairs and Maxime sofa to create a welcoming yet stylish space for residents and guests to gather. Our Gibson ottoman is also placed to allow for additional seating, and a touch of flair with its natural cowhide upholstery.







Toro chairs, Allister coffee table STANDING THE TEST OF TIME 

Another one of Algar’s design rules is that a space must “stand the test of time.” Forego the  kitschy trends and source furniture and décor that will stay relevant from season to season.

In Tableau’s corridor, our Toro chairs and Allister coffee table are placed for a modern-classic and contemporary look that will leave a lasting impression.








Algar stresses the importance of defining the purpose and use of each space.  Is it a waiting  area, a recreational space, or a lobby? Once this is identified, the design and layout of a space  begin to take shape.

To welcome residents and guests, Algar created three seating arrangements throughout Tableau’s lobby, featuring our Clevelander armchairs and Astley concrete end tables.

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