Karen Sealy’s “absolute” features when planning a home renovation

“The creativity is just one small part of being an interior designer,” Karen Sealy told Sunpan.

Applying her degrees in psychology, interior design and business, the award-winning designer focuses on “creating homes my clients want to live in.”

Sealy’s latest home renovation project featured on Cityline is the perfect example of creating an at-home oasis within a client’s budget. Sealy points out that there are a few key ingredients to her approach on renovating, each relating back to her multi-disciplinary background.

 Aries coffee table


Identify the pain points

“Your pain points are a great place to start.” Sealy’s initial meetings with her clients usually run for four hours so that she can learn about what her client’s daily lives are like; how they live, move, and spend their time throughout their homes. It’s important to start with identifying where a client spends most of their time and what makes it difficult to enjoy.

 Nomad console table


Prioritize the phases

Clients come to Sealy and don’t know where to start or how much to spend. This is where she emphasizes to her clients to “be practical.” Sealy crafts a long-term master plan that tackles the key spaces first but still ensures that the “the money a client spends today, will work with the plan down the road.”


Prism end table 

Source multi-functional pieces

Multi-functional pieces are an “absolute" design feature when Sealy is planning a renovation. “We don’t want people being nervous living in their homes,” said Sealy, so sourcing pieces that are beautiful and durable is important. In the Cityline backyard renovation, she sourced Sunpan’s concrete Nomad console table, Prism and Aries end tables and Aries coffee table. These pieces are practical and easy to move indoors once the weather cools down.


By incorporating these three philosophies, Sealy guarantees that it is possible to create beautiful and functional homes while still being budget-conscious.