Introducing the Irongate Collection

Halt! And abandon all preconceptions, expectations and assumptions about what it means to make beautiful furniture, because you are about to get your mind blown. Please enter now, through the Irongate.

Where Exotic Meets Old World

Artistically combining old world charm with the exotic appeal of contemporary, transitional furniture, the Irongate is our most enchanting collection yet. Think the sands of Morocco meet the streets of Tokyo. Now add a pinch of rustic beauty and we’re just about there.

It’s where hustle and bustle meets romantic strolls along the Seine. It’s where textured fabrics and warm-toned leathers go on holiday, blending with stainless steel to create an innovative design unlike anything else you’ll find on the market.

Your Very Own Iron Throne

The Halden. The Avery. The Kasper. The Irongate collection is meant to make everyone feel like old world royalty. 

With modern touches complementing a rustic and refined look, products from the Irongate collection contribute to a space that is contemporary, transitional, and inviting.

Fit for queens, kings and every nobleman or –woman in between, the innovative design of the Irongate beckons you to rule with kindness, absolute power and incredible taste. Go ahead, claim your throne.