2016 Design Trend Recap

With 2016 coming to a close we thought it would be the perfect time to share the trends we loved this past year. From materials to colours, we’re highlighting 4 trends we couldn’t get enough of.



Black with white veining, white with grey veining and brown-on-brown tones...the possibilities with marble are endless! Few décor trends in recent years have had the same impact as marble.

It incorporates elements of minimalism, while still being glam. Styled in modern and transitional spaces the look is sophisticated and elevates the space to the style stratosphere!

For those who were already fans of traditional colours, such as black, white and grey, the new kid on the block brown marble, is a welcomed alternative. It's warm presence makes each and every space special.



Channel Tufting

This Fall, a stunning design favourite made its comeback, and what a return it was for channel tufting! This design tufted upholstery adorned everything from sofas to beds, dining chairs to armchairs, and we welcomed it with open arms. We love it for the plush look it adds to spaces in a very Golden Age of Hollywood-type of way.

Combining clean lines, comfort and beauty, channel tufting’s linear dimension is both bold and delicate. It’s a versatile element that can be styled in many ways for that classic-meets-modern twist that we’re all crushing on.





Gold is #1 for a reason! The metal made a major splash at both the Spring and Fall High Point Markets. This year we saw the chic metallic combined with new and different materials, such as marble. Wether mixed with marble or black glass, gold played a huge role in 2016 and can be seen in such pieces like the Dahlia side table, Arturo end table and Marvel bar cart

We love gold for its ability to warm up a space. Thanks to a highly reflective surface, light is bounced around a room to create the illusion of more space. By choosing a few coordinating accents the room looks luxe and glam… in other words – its to die for!




This year no colour captivated us quite like blue did with its ability to evoke calmness and focus in the beholder. This year the trend gravitated toward deeper shades such as indigo, sapphire, and navy, stealing the spotlight from the  previous hype of the robin’s egg and turquoise. The rich modern colour is versatile, with a stately dignity and sophistication that lends itself to a variety of spaces.  


One of our favourite ways to play with blue is by anchoring a space with a large piece, such as our tufted Dalton canopy bed or our plush Frisco Armchair. Blue plays nice with all the aforementioned trends, but looks especially crisp and clean when paired with rich, dark woods.