Finding The Perfect Coffee Table


Finding The Perfect Coffee Table

A coffee table is one of the hardest working furnishings in your home and while you may not have given it much thought, it is certainly more than just a place to rest your coffee! Whether it is home to your books, magazines or other accessories, we’ve got some tips to help you find the perfect one for your space.


Size Considerations


When it comes to coffee tables, the rule of thumb is that it should be the same height as the cushions on your sofa, or 1-2 inches lower. Therefore, if your seat is 18 inches off the ground, a coffee table about 16 inches would be ideal. This height makes it easier to put down drinks without knocking them against the lip of the table.


The next aspect to consider is the table length. Generally, a table about two-thirds the length of the seating it’s rests in front of is a good size.


To allow for flow throughout the space, and functionality, the table should be between 12-18 inches from the surrounding seating. This distance should be close enough to reach your drink or put down a book, but far enough away to stretch your legs.




Large Coffee Table

If you have a large space and buy a large coffee table, you might try placing a pair of ottomans or benches around the table. This creates unity and helps break up the scale of multiple large pieces. Move these accessories out of the space during parties so people have space to mingle, or use them as extra seating if need be!

Au Pairs

Have a space big enough for one large coffee table? Why not go for an unexpectedly stylish twist and mirror two smaller ones instead! The focus stays on the surrounding area and lets your eye move around which can make the space appear larger.

Clear and Focused

Would you prefer your room to make the statement and let coffee table blend into the background? A glass-topped table is the perfect solution! Thanks to its transparent top the eye stays interested in the room without getting distracted by the table. It also adds a layer of visual interest, which is key to avoiding that “flat” look. It is also a cool way to draw attention to a unique rug or carpet.

Find Balance

Have some fun with your coffee table and find a piece that creates balance with the sofa or surrounding seating. If your seating is solid-coloured, try a leggy chrome frame with a transparent top. Or, if your sofa is sleek and slim, a chunkier table with thick wood and a solid base would be a stylish option.

Round It Out

In a space with plenty of seating, like a sitting room, or for the individual who loves to host, a round coffee tables is a great option. Round tables aid in circulation and create better flow. So, if you love to host a girls’ night or have the guys over for cards, look no further.

Round tables are also a great option for families or individuals with little ones, especially since they don’t mix well with sharp corners.